Nene Coppicing & Crafts is a Community Interest Company run by volunteers and dedicated to promoting heritage woodland skills, conservation and crafts. Join us for event days, volunteering, and to buy or commission locally and sustainably produced goods.


Nene Coppicing and Crafts  and the Covid Pandemic- our current situation  (March 2021)

Dear friends and supporters

Over this last year there have been major changes to our activities because of the pandemic.  Because of the restrictions on meeting and working together we have had to stop our work altogether for long periods of time and have only just returned to working at Castor Hanglands and Sacrewell Farm in a very limited way. This has delayed our programme of work at both locations and meant that we have not been able to welcome any new volunteers or provide training courses as we would have liked.  We are very sorry that we have had to disappoint many people who would otherwise have liked to join us, but we have had no alternative because of the need to keep everyone safe.

Our current situation is:

Sacrewell farm – we are working in pairs setting up a new working area on odd days of the week, as well as cutting willow at other sites. We are not able to welcome other volunteers or provide any courses at present.

Castor Hanglands -similarly we are only beginning to arrange for pairs of workers to start to clear the backlog of work in our Hazel woodland and we cannot yet invite new volunteers to join us because of the limits on numbers who can work together.

Bretton woods– a small group of volunteers continue to work at clearing the woodland, but again new volunteers cannot join them presently.


From the end of this month we will be able to increase the size of our groups working outside to six people at any one time, while still maintaining social distancing and other precautions.

Hopefully if the situation improves throughout May and June we will be able to gradually increase our activities and invite new volunteers to join us -provided that the national guidance allows us to do this.


In the meantime, if you are interested in working with us in the future please contact us at and we will add your name to our list of volunteers who we  can contact as the situation changes.

We will also update this website to provide information on our current activities.

We look forward to meeting you and working with you in the future, both to manage our ancient woodland and to learn old heritage skills with us .


Best wishes

Nene Coppicing and Crafts