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Sessions based in the Bretton woodlands are on Tuesday mornings. During the winter months, we are coppicing new plots each year, while in the spring and summer there is survey work to be done to check that the expected improvements in woodland health and general biodiversity are actually occurring. We also keep paths clear and check for any alien species. These are usually plants that have escaped from gardens, but some manage to establish themselves in the woods and would threaten the native species if not kept under control.

The main day for working in Castor Hanglands is Thursday but if there are enough volunteers who want to work then we may meet on other days.  Activity is mostly coppicing in winter and charcoal burning in the summer, and there is always some greenwood craft happening too. Whatever the activity, the kettle is usually on the boil.

If your interest is heritage crafts and promoting these skills to families then sessions at Sacrewell Farm would suit you.  Depending on the number of volunteers these usually happen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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